Ready to bottle your way to the top?
Fill the universe with your lemonade and become the master of the fizzy drink!

In this little idle clicker for PC, Web and Android you are out and about to make the most lemonade ever made. Click and then let click your way to lemonade dominance!

No ads in the game, no pay to win, just play.

To start, tap the bottle a bunch of times, check out the buy menu in the top right and fill up your storage.
The game keeps track of the time and will advance while closed.

To move your game between versions you can export it, you will receive a password, that you can import into any newer version. The password will stay valid for any future updates.

This is the alpha release to get feedback from y'all, write your suggestions and bug reports to with the topic starting with "Limostand".

I made this little game to get into libGDX and as something i would like to play on the go on my phone. As said, no ads, no pay to win scheme, just some tapping around and see it grow for a fraction of what a coffee in the city or a pack of cigarettes costs you. And i want to continue that with other games, stuff that i would love to play.

If you want to support me with an early-access buy, please do so on, your alpha license is valid for the later beta and gold too of course. :)

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Proudly made with:
Linux libGDX


13.3.2024 - First alpha release to the public.

Whats next

Known Bugs